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Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation is dedicated to being the market leader in air quality monitoring instrumentation.

What's New:
Model T500U - NEW - US EPA Approval
CAPS NO2 Analyzer
The T500U CAPS NO2 Analyzer represents the next generation of criteria pollutant monitoring technology for the direct measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in air.
Model T750
Portable Gas Calibrator
The Model T750 is a portable, microprocessor based calibrator for precision gas analyzers.
Model T701
Zero Air System
The T701 adds Modbus TCP/IP connectivity to the proven reliability and performance of our zero air systems.
Model T701H
High Performance Zero Air System
The T701H adds Modbus TCP/IP connectivity to the proven reliability and performance of our high purity zero air system.
Model 751
Portable Zero Air System
The Model 751 is a fully self-contained portable source of clean, dry air for use with dilution calibrators.
Model 751H
Portable High Performance Zero Air System
The Model 751H is a portable, fully self-contained source of high purity zero air for dilution calibrators. It is ideal for use with sensitive analyzers in ambient background and trace level applications.
Model T700H
Source Monitoring Dilution Calibrator
The Model T700H is a microprocessor controlled dilution system for calibration of continuous emissions monitoring gas analyzers.
Model 465L + O2
Industrial Hygiene Ozone Analyzer with Oxygen Sensor
O3 and O2 monitoring in a single wall mounted unit

What We Do

- Ambient gas and particulate instruments
- Continuous emissions monitors

- Industrial ozone monitors and controllers
- Process, safety, and clean-room monitors

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